Little Silver Bookshelf

Good afternoon,

It has been forever since I published a blog, better late than never.

The picture bellow shows a small bookshelf cabinet, we built this unit for one of our local clients. The material we used is call “Brushed Steel Thermofoil”. As you can see, it’s a very modern design with little detail work.

This is a nice looking unit, but I will warn on this material, it has to be handled carefully as it scratches easily.

Thank you for reading my blog.



















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Good afternoon,

We just completed a small cabinet project going to Manhattan restaurant new location in Palm Desert on Hwy 111.

This work came from one of our regular contractor client. It was a pretty simple job consisting of 4 areas worth of cabinets. All was produces in a “stain grade stage” which will be finished by their own finisher.

Bellow, I am attaching a couple of pictures showing the hostess stands. The counter tops are provided by someone else.

20140923_105445 20140923_105423

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Carbon Fiber Garage

Good morning,

The picture bellow shows one of the most elaborate garage cabinet project we have ever done. The project took place in Rancho Mirage California.

It is a combination of high gloss red with Carbon fiber and black trim. All of the doors and drawer fronts are a Thermofoil product from our sister company Lindsey Doors. The length of the cabinets is roughly 36′ long.

It is really fun to be able to design and produce something like where design is the main driving factor and not money. To enhance the garage even more, they proceeded by installing a high gloss tile.

This picture was taken while the project wasn’t completed and hopefully I will be able to see the project once the cars are there.


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Folkstone Grey Thermofoil

Good morning,

It has been a very long time since my last blog but here I am again.

We are in the middle of installing some new cabinets in a very large house in Rancho Mirage. The house is 18,000 square feet of living area, and our part of the project is 400 lineal feet worth of cabinets.

The client came in with specific requirements for Thermofoil for the entire home. They used about 12 different colors ranging from wood grains to high gloss solid color materials.

Bellow is a picture of the small garage, I say small garage because they are 2 garages. Even for the small garage they used Folkstone Grey Thermofoil. Unfortunately, they had not selected handles at this point.

This is one of the largest house we have ever installed cabinets and are very grateful for being awarded this project.


In the next few weeks I will post again with more pictures of the project.

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Hospitality Cabinets

Good morning,

We just got awarded a hotel project in Hollywood California.

This project consists of 246 rooms for which we are going to provide a beverage center, shelving for the closet and a valance for the curtains.

We were also to provide a plastic laminate temporary desk, this is in lieu of a permanent work area as they are remodeling the hotel. We installed the desk yesterday and it went well, I attached a picture at the bottom of this post.

This is going to be a fast pace project which is typical in the hospitality world, the owners want to get those rooms back as quickly as possible.

We are looking forward to this project.



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Reface in Rancho Mirage

Good afternoon,

It has been a while since I wrote a blog, but here I am again.

The picture bellow shows the end result of refacing some bathroom cabinets.

The project took place in Rancho Mirage and consisted of 4 bathrooms. The client elected to use Red Oak with a “White Wash Finish”. We haven’t done this finish in a very long time since it hasn’t been popular in the last 15 years.

In this business, we get all kinds of requests for different finishes that may or may not be in style at the time, but we try to please all of our customers with their requests.

The door style is what we call “Super Shaker”, basically a “Shaker” door with a couple extra steps in the construction of the rail giving it more detail work.

As always, the client was very pleased and the cabinet look as good as new.



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Kitchen In Rancho Mirage

Good morning,

Well, we are back from our holiday break. We were closed for about a week and half as we have in the last few years.

I am beginning my blog this year with a couple of pictures from a new kitchen we finished installing in the middle of December.

This project had a very traditional design with solid raised door panel in maple with a medium color stain. Along in this project we used 2-3/4″ crown molding mounted on an eased edged trim molding. The drawer fronts were made in five parts which helps accentuate details.

Typically we like to use door panels on the finished ends. It cost a bit more, but it just looks so much better than standard flat work. This client added a few accessories like a door mount trash roll-out, a three tier spice roll-out along with a solid maple Lazy Susan to fill in an L-shape cabinet.

As usual for us, our top coat finish system are ultra violet(UV) based coatings. This insures very hard and long-lasting qualities in the finish. Most of our competitors are unable to offer this type of finish due to lack of capital investment and difficult learning curve.

The installation took 4 days and went very well as most of our projects do.






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